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What Scopious can do for you

Scopious IoT Ltd is a Go Wireless NZ Ltd company and comes with the expertise you would expect of an industry leader. With our in-house R&D team, we have created the Scopious IoT platform and applications for onboarding gateways and devices, as well as viewing the ever so critical data produced by your sensors.

Fully backed up by the Go Wireless NZ machine, Scopious IoT Ltd offers consultation services from the ground up for your LoRaWAN network.

For companies that have developed their own application platform, Scopious can assist here too. We work with a number of network providers throughout the country, and our expertise ensures your data is secure and it reaches only your platform.

Consultation services are provided to help you design and build your own private LoRaWAN network. These consultation services include network design, advice on data collection with sensors/devices relevant to your purpose, and a single pane of glass to view your network.

Scopious operates its own LoRaWAN network using a secure shared coverage model, so every customer joining the network expands its coverage while also making it more resilient, reliable, and efficient.

Scopious also provide onboarding applications that take away the complexity of adding gateways and devices to a LoRaWAN network, making it a simple process to register approved gateways and devices on the network.

Scopious can provide an application to easily onboard gateways to any The Things Stack LoRaWAN network server. This includes:

  • Registering the gateway on the network server.

  • Ability to manually record the location of the gateway.

  • Generation of authentication keys to ensure secure communications between the gateway and network server.

  • Generation of an email to customer NOC on confirmation of successful registration.

  • Recommended configuration of the gateway.

Easily onboard devices with Scopious to any The Things Stack LoRaWAN network server. This includes:

  • Registering the device on the network server. For devices purchased from Go Wireless, this is a very straightforward single-step process that can be done just by entering the device’s serial number or EUI.

  • Ability to record a name and description against each device.

  • Ability to manually record the location of each device.

Scopious provide applications to allow you to view your data from your devices. In the future, this will include alert/notification services, along with functionality to control your devices.

Your dashboard will show gateway and device status, and various measurements/parameters depending on your sensors used.

All device data is stored onshore here in NZ.

To help integrate your data to your platform of choice, Scopious provides the following services:

  • Integrating from our platform to your own platform or to a 3rd party platform.

  • Integrating from 3rd party LoRaWAN network server to our own platform.

Scopious will be offering services to develop customised applications for any specific needs you may have in the near future.

Scopious IoT

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