"At Scopious, we believe that we can build a more efficient and sustainable world together through the collaboration of people, ideas, and IoT."


Who we are

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Connect Through Collaboration


Coverage in New Zealand can be tough. The Internet of Things is spreading everywhere, and businesses desire improved efficiency and control with less effort and expense.


Established by a respected New Zealand wireless distributor, Go Wireless NZ Ltd, collaboration and growth among us Kiwis. This involves making small connections that yield significant impacts.


It's your drive for improvement, as individuals and organisations, that propels our ongoing expansion.

You can personalise an adaptable network according to your requirements and financial resources. Utilise the Scopious Lorawan deployment software to integrate your gateways and sensors conveniently. Monitor your data, share discoveries, and enhance operational effectiveness by automating processes through the Scopious application.


No project is too big or small, and there's no such thing as a dumb idea or question. We've done the hard work, research and development, so you can enjoy the benefits.


Let us know how your want to connect your things for optimum efficiency - the possibilities are infinite!

Meet our team

Dale Roberts

Entrepreneur and Founder of Scopious IoT, Director of Sister company Go Wireless NZ

Kelly Meyers

Head R&D Leader and professional dot connector. The intelligent quiet type.

Michael Shannon

Application Developer, also quiet, also intelligent. Loves UI graphs.

Josh Solomon

Friendly IoT Product Manager and Consultant. Cooks a mean bbq, enjoys a yarn.

Sean Reilly

Web Developer and gamer nerd. Loves medium dogs.

Hamish Roberts

Web Developer, gamer and computer nerd. Likes forest trees.

Daniel Smith

Application Developer, enjoys the gym, has great hair.
Scopious IoT

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